Sure it might be defined as Eroge, but if the trailer is any indication, this thing has got to be equal parts dumb and ridiculous. A few thoughts:

– What is up with this deep voiced announcer – Is this just a sequel to Daddy Day Care?

– Did the aliens move the White House to Japan – or did they build one? I am unclear on this point.

– Pretty sure this is a Jerry Bruckheimer joint.

– Evil space Pope. Panda with spectacles.

– Hold up. Is she your girlfriend, or just childhood friend? I am getting conflicting messaging here. Someone really fucked up with this branding.

– This game cost 8,800 yen. That is like 100 dollars.

– I feel like this game probably does not have a happy ending – there are too many nuclear missiles. Did the aliens also destroy the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?

– I looked everywhere at Walmart for a copy, but couldn’t find it. “For sale across the Universe” my ass.