It is beginning to get crazy at Grasshopper Manufacture. Arguments, nay, a college level thesis could be written proving  that Grasshopper had already jumped the proverbial shark (although in their case, I’m sure the part of the shark would be played by an over sexualized robot dolphin), but from what they have shown of Lollipop Chainsaw, I think things have finally started getting crazy.

GHM sits as one of the great success stories of recent memories that somehow continued to simultaneously get games funded while upping the crazy factor with each release. Grasshopper has become a living version of the Producers with Suda 51 acting as a more deranged version of Franz Liebkind.

So what should you expect from Lollipop Chainsaw? After watching the trailer take a look at a few of my own predictions and accompanying odds for inclusion in Suda’s next frivolous adventure.

Juliet will at some point kill her zombified parents

Nothing says messed up cheerleader like dead parents.

Odds 5:1

There will be a scene on a sports field involving decapitation

If No More Heroes, and then No More Heroes 2 taught me anything, Suda loves him some sports.

Odds 3:1

Juliet becomes impregnated with a zombie baby

Suda tackles deep issues in every one of his game, adolescent access to birth control is next!

Odds 15:1

Sarah Michelle Gellar makes a pointless appearance

Unfortunately, Danny Trejo probably won’t be along for the ride this time.

Odds 50:1

There will be a really dumb reference to Romeo and Juliet that will probably be repeated throughout the game

Yup, Lollipop Chainsaw is a video game.

Odds 2:1

Within the first five minutes, Juliet takes off her mask and is actually Bayonetta

…and also the game is developed by Platinum

Odds 2:Why can’t this really happen.