With the new year comes a new feature wherein I scour the internet for an obscure game and its associated box art and make a snap judgment and try and figure out the point and gameplay of a it, without bothering with any pertinent research or fact finding. First up in this new endeavor is Famicom Top Management.

In Famicom Top Management you play as an enterprising young lad who climbs the corporate ladder to wealth beyond imagine in the highly competitive field of male business attire. Choices you make on your way will further your path from a small upstart manufacturer to a global conglomerate with a hand in every step of your clothing’s production.

Your constant companion on your journey to the top is Mel, who is pictured on the front of the game’s box. Mel will provide a vast insight into the industry and will influence the tough decisions that need to be made in order to succeed. The larger then life persona of Mel and his enormous thighs may be hiding secrets that could begin to call into question his motivations for helping you ascend to the top. Find out the truth in Famicom Top Management!