With bowl season making its way to a probably dismally low scoring game (see the score of their regular season meeting), I think it is just about time to start looking forward to next fall, and a fresh season. Along with a new season comes a new college football game courtesy of Electronic Arts, and I have a few ideas of my own of how to spice up the long running franchise with a few new tweaks that would make even gamers who don’t care about football pick it up.

1. Hire Nolan North to handle game commentary

Does Nolan know anything about football? I have no idea! But think of Nolan bouncing an unending series of sarcastic comments off Kirk Herbstreit after every play. EA might even be able to afford to just put North in a sound booth where he will live commentate every single game as you play it… but only if you have the online pass.

2. Let Bioware develop it

2011 was the year of shoving the Bioware name on an EA studio and expecting core gamers to automatically jump on board. What’s to say that rebranding Tiburon as Bioware Tiburon won’t automatically garner a few thousand more pre-orders. With the name change would also come the requisite use of Bioware’s patented dialogue wheel which would be labeled as the “next-generation play calling solution.”

3. Portals

Sure EA and Valve didn’t have the best working relationship in 2011, but throwing Portals into NCAA, and heck all of EA’s sports games could be the next big evolution in the genre.

4. Scandals

There were a lot of scandals in 2011. In service of realism, NCAA 13 needs a few barn burners. This inclusion would work hand in hand with Bioware’s conversation wheel, allowing you to either make the paragon choice and blow the whistle or sweep it under the rug with reckless renegade abandon.

5. A BCS Playoff system

Games are fantasy, right?