It is often easy to look to low budget titles for inadequate voice acting performances, but in 2011 some of the worst voice acting came from what most would think of as a highly anticipated AAA title. On paper creating a new Deus Ex game shouldn’t have worked, but on just about every level, Deus Ex: Human Revolution exceeded even the loftiest expectations by sticking to the formula that made the first game so well received. Unfortunately, the game’s voice acting left a lot to be desired, with performances ranging from adequate to down right terrible.

Throughout the game you can’t help but feel as if the main character, Adam Jensen, is channeling his inner Christian Bale as he rasps his way to and from each story beat. Your boss, David Sarif, suffers from what I’ll call CEO Bro-syndrome which essentially means he always sounds like he is about to ask you if you want to go to a strip club and do a few lines and throw back a couple shots of jag. Every character with an accent manages to strike a strange balance between being overly hooky and ultra-serious, making some of the interactions laughably bad.

Without trying to stumble over any more erroneous analogies, here’s a random cut scene from the middle of the game that shows just a snippet of the ‘fantastic’ voice work throughout Deus Ex: Human Revolution.