Japan is weird. Obvious statement is obvious, but having an all female musical adaptation of the Phoenix Wright games once again proves that no one does weird like the Japanese. While I can’t say that all of these game to stage adaptations would feature an all female cast, here are some of the games that have the possibility of making the transition without being total shit.

1. Psychonauts 

Singing Lungfish? Check. Singing octogenarian that loves bacon? Check. Singing velvet painting bull fighter? Check.

2. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

Musical isn’t in the tile just for kicks.

3. Sakura Wars

1920’s New York City dance troupe with giant fighting robots. Let me let you wrap that around your head for a while. Yes, it is as good as it sounds.

4. Tetris

With such hits as “I’m an L piece and I know it,” and “Go! Go! Communist Space Ship”

5. Army of Two

More comfortable in its sexuality in musical form.

6. The World Ends With You

Some costume designer would go to Testsuya Nomura’s house and complain about all the zippers.

7. That Opera scene from Final Fantasy VI

Really digging deep here aren’t I.

8. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Phil Collins will finally win a Tony.

9. Boktai

The only musical that requires a space with a skylight.

10. Skyrim

Pretty certain enough musical spoofs have come out that something could be thrown together in a weekend.