Seriously everybody? What is wrong with you? Are you that starved for information about the oft-rumored next gen MMO from Blizzard?

Advertising in media is here to stay, why should video games be any different? Sure, you are paying for a service, but that is just it – if you don’t like what the service is offering, don’t subscribe to what they are selling. And in this case, the service is still theoretical, meaning everyone should take a few deep breaths and calm down.

When looking at the dollars and cents of an MMO, it makes a certain amount os sense to capitalize on a userbase that happens to spend a whole lot of time within your content domain. It all comes down to how the ads are implemented, and as of this moment, any one claiming knowledge of how intrusive the advertising will be is speculating in the worst kind of way. Blizzard makes good games. They might not be every gamers cup of tea, but no impartial observer could ever claim the games they develop are terrible.

So, to echo my sentiments of speculation in the worst kind of way, here are a few of my speculations:

– Titan is just World of Warcraft 2

– Every vehicle in Titan will be a Volvo

– /BigMac, and /CrunchWrapSupreme will get you what you crave

– Mountain Dew will be an actual mountain

– In game groupon (to buy items, quests)

– Captain Price will be an in game character that supplies you with branded weaponry

– Titan will have a promotion that will send you to Titan