I am really, really full from a Super Bowl party I just got home from. As I have been working diligently late into the past few nights in the hopes of feeling comfortable with writing my thoughts about Katawa Shoujo, I am at a loss for what exactly I should write about tonight. Staring at my shelf often solicits some kind of idea, and at this moment it just happens to be how cool the art of George Kamitani is.

In house art director/awesome guy, George Kamitani, has been responsible for making sure that the games developed by Vanillaware are never going to be confused for the work of another studio. A unique blend of traditional and contemporary Japanese art styles helps to create a unique look that is not only beautiful in screen shots, but becomes almost insatiably gorgeous when seen in motion. Layers of parallax scrolling give the art a 3D like quality, only adding to the fluidity of the world that Kamitani painstakingly worked to create.

Be it the Norse styling of Odin Sphere, or the Samurai aesthetic of Murmasa: The Demon Blade, Kamitani’s attention to detail is impeccable with the final games looking as if they must have taken years and years of work to create. Even if the gameplay isn’t quite there on a number of Vanillaware games, no one in their right mind could find issue with the art: It is just too cool.