With the news that Nintendo is holding a survey to decide on the American box art for Xenoblade, a trend I quite like is continuing to become a more frequent occurrence. That is to say, developers providing more minimalistic or alternate box art is something I find way cool a feature that would sway me to by a physical copy instead of buying digitally. Sure you may only see the spine when a game is displayed on a shelf, but I would be more willing to feature some of my favorites on display, much like how serious music fans (or I guess vinyl fans) tend to display their favorites in their collections.

While custom covers are not a new thing, it finally seems like developers and publishers are beginning to realize that there is a market for copies that forgo the 17 thousand branding logos in favor of creating a more music album like equivalent.

Unsure of what I mean by branding logos? Here is the American box art for Resistance 3 – with, and without branding.


Another example? How about the Team Ico Collection?

Finally here is the Xenoblade Japanese box art and one of the potential US box art candidates

I probably like this box art option simply because it reminds me quite a bit of the Secret of Mana box art.