I guess that ideas for a new Mirror’s Edge title have been kicking around DICE and EA for sometime, with each idea reaching prototype and then failing to get greenlit for production. I have a few humble suggestions for ideas the development team should explore while waiting for the big wigs at EA to give them the go ahead.

1. No more Faith.

Probably the least appealing thing about Mirror’s Edge (besides the abhorrent gunplay) was the character design of Faith. I imagine the meeting where her image was created going something like this:

Suit 1: Well how about that parkour game? Those Swedes at DICE haven’t come up with a protagonist cool enough yet.

Suit 2: Asian.

Suit 1: You mean the protagonist should be Asian?

Suit 1: No that’s what I want for lunch… But hey you might be onto something.

Really, I guess it was the eye tattoo that really drew my ire towards the throwaway protagonist.

2. Perspective Switching

This doesn’t necessarily mean I want the game to be in third person, but switching up the camera work would allow the game to reach beyond the cinematic scope of it’s predecessor.

In my version of Mirror’s Edge 2 there would be a 360 degree pan about once every 35 seconds.

3. Make the Penalty for failure lower

Failing in Mirror’s Edge meant a pause from the action. Make trying stages over a faster process to keep frustration low, and pay off high – Just look at Super Meat Boy. Implementation of the rewind feature seen in most of this generations racing titles would also be welcome.

4. More Normal – Less Jumping off Cranes

Battlefield is a series that seems to strive for realism. I am aware that some of those parkour people are dumb enough to jump off of cranes and emulate some of the moves Faith made in the first title, but grounding the game back into reality a bit more might help it gain traction with a broader audience.

Super Mario < Assassins Creed.

5. Robots

Because fuck it, why not?