Well I watched the Grammys last night. I could say it was a train wreck, but it honestly was just middle of the road. Not good, but not horrifying by any means. Much like the VGAs, the draw of the awards show has little to do with the actual awards. Whole categories are glazed over in favor of blown out productions that, if I am being completely honest here, actually make the show better. With a show focused squarely on the collaborations and special tributes, the Grammys has backed itself into a corner where the only way to succeed is to keep upping the ante from year to year.

This is a problem that is of little concern to the folks over at Spike. The VGAs have put in place a set of expectations and have consistently delivered a mediocre, yet perfectly acceptable product over the past…9 years. The importance of winning a VGA might be up for debate, but it is arguably the biggest stage presence that video games have at present. Despite the less then enthusiastic sigh that is let out each year around VGA time, it is still an event that is heavily covered by just about every gaming outlet and is usually met with spirited discussion as to the legitimacy of the awards.

I know with the VGAs that I am going to get a 2 hour over-produced piece of television, but I also know I am going to see a bunch of new game announcements and trailers. The Grammys are a wild card. Sometimes you get Radiohead with a drum line, other times you get Chris Brown and the Foo Fighters…twice.

And hey, only one show this year had a Black Keys performance…