Scoring last years iOS juggernaut, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP, Jim Guthrie had a good 2011. Incredible music in such an atmospheric setting led to heaps of accolades being poured upon S&S, but I think it was his second release, Children of the Clone, that provides the more interesting story.

Children of the Clone was an unreleased set of music that Jim Guthrie created in 1999. This isn’t just a cool set of electronic music that seemed to provide the basis for his later work on S&S, but it is also a music album created solely with a Playstation 1. Guthrie used MTV Music Generator to create each and every track of the release. Like finding the lost soundtrack to an unfinished Working Designs RPG, Children of the Clone creates an odd sense of nostalgia for an era where there ought not be any.


It is truly remarkable that such an intricate collection of songs could be created with a piece of software that was probably meant as more of a cash in by MTV then as a real production tool for musicians. While I am certain some musician has done this prior to Guthrie, I am also certain that none have executed it as well.

Sit back and enjoy the Playstation 1 era sounds in all their synthesized glory.