I’ve still been playing a fair amount of Dirt 2, which to its credit is the most time I’ve spent with a racing title since Forza 2. With little to no complaints to level against the game, I have to dig deep and look at something which isn’t just present in Dirt 2, but the racing genre as a whole.

Why do some racing games not play music while you are driving?

I’ve formulated a few ideas as to why this may be the case:

– Pressure from the NTSB to crack down against virtual distracted driving.

– The sound engineers spent a month and a half making sure that the in game Toyota Celica sounds like a real Toyota Celica, and they are dead set on you hearing the fruits of their labor.

– Clause in Mercedes-Benz contract that states My Chemical Romance can not be played in the interior, virtual or otherwise, of any of their vehicles.

– No virtual girl sitting in the passenger seat in which to impress with your vast CD collection.

– Only one song captures the true spirit of driving, and it is unfortunately owned by Sega. (Hint)

– If Nic Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds is to be believed, engine noise is music to true car buffs.

– Development team spent all the music licensing budget on new rims and a body kit.