Being for the low cost of free, I decided to download and give the latest Microsoft flight simulator, Microsoft Flight, a try. While heaps of criticisms could be leveled at the game for its lack of content, depth, and handling model, I actually found myself enjoying the game from the time I spent with it. I did have a few questions coursing through my head as I dodged hot air balloons and landed at different points on Hawaii’s Big Island…

– Oahu is premium content (as in pay up). If I fly over there, will I reach an invisible wall that prevents me from exploring the island?

– How much money did Icon Aviation pay to be the default aircraft of the game?

– Is making a water landing to deliver a flight instructor to a wedding on a yacht an activity that 1 per centers partake in?

– Is flying really this easy? Or do they just want to make you think it is this easy so you go and buy an Icon A5?

– There is a skip to waypoint option? Was this game developed by actual gamers instead of pilots?

– Who is this product for? It isn’t arcade-esque enough for casual players, and it isn’t hardcore enough for real pilots. The tagline should be Microsoft Flight: “Close Enough”

– How cool would a flight simulator developed in CryEngine 3 be?

– Can I fly a real aircraft with my Xbox 360 controller? I am getting quite good at it.

– Do pilots get achievements? Or is the only real achievement not dying?

I plan to spend a bit more time flying about Hawaii, but not sure I’ll ever bite the bullet and buy additional aircraft. If anything it would push me towards installing Flight Simulator X on my computer. Copies are only 30 dollars on Amazon and it seems a better value prospect then Microsoft Flight will ever be.