Gamer Definition: To illustrate utter dominance against an opponent.

Real Definition: Mispronunciation of the word Pawn.


Gamer Definition: Character that can soak up a lot of damage while keeping the attention of enemies, allowing other players to freely attack.

Real Definition: An armored vehicle with a real big gun on it.


Gamer Definition: Pre-Retail build of a game that is sometimes released to the public for play testing and balancing.

Real Definition: One of those colored fish that live in a really small bowl that your Sister convinces you is animal cruelty.

Spawn Camp

Gamer Definition: Sitting near an enemy spawn location (Where a person will appear on a map after being killed), and immediately killing them before they have the chance to act.

Real Definition: Camp run by Todd McFarlane.


Gamer Definition: Being killed by a group of other players, or being killed by a player of a much higher level.

Real Definition: Future term reserved for some kind of super STD.

Cool Down

Gamer Definition: Countdown timer that tells you how long you have to wait in between using certain attacks or techniques.

Real Definition: Activity in which your body literally cools down, usually after some sort of strenuous activity.