I’ve been playing a fresh game of Mass Effect in hopes of having a full Renegade character (who I stereotypically modeled after Olivia Wilde) by the time I am ready to go through Mass Effect 3 a second time, and boy, does that game have issues. It is amazing how the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia had made me forget about so many dumb aspects of Mass Effect. The laundry list of problems include: Poor squad AI, tons of texture pop in, absurdly long elevator rides, a real dumb inventory system, and worst of all – a frame rate that seems to dip into single digits in heavy combat.

These problems aside, Mass Effect is still one hell of a game. Oddly enough, and without getting too much into the ire that surrounded her misconstrued quotes, if a feature was placed into Bioware games (As Jennifer Helper suggested) that let you skip all combat in favor of just making story decisions via the dialogue wheel, I would be fully on board. I enjoy the combat of the Mass Effect series, but for subsequent playthoughs, having to go through every combat scenario becomes tedious.

It says something great about a series and company that I am willing to play 65-70 hours across two games simply to have a greater range of narrative options come the time I play Mass Effect 3.

I’m excited.