What if I told you there exists a game where you play as a Pomeranian that has to navigate a post apocalyptic Tokyo landscape inhabited by numerous other animal species? Well I just did. The above description is a real game being developed as part of the Playstation C.A.M.P. initiative and published by SCE Japan, which is coming to the PS3 this summer in Japan.

I can’t imagine how this game got green-lit, or wasn’t cancelled numerous times during it’s development. Lets all be thankful that this game exists. Tokyo Jungle might end up being terrible, or it could be great. Either way it acts as somewhat of a vote of confidence in Japanese development, and the idea that Japanese developers can can still execute upon weird and crazy ideas.

Lots has been said in the wake of Phil Fish’s calling out of Japanese games and subsequent Internet fuming on the matter, but Tokyo Jungle seems like SCE-J doubling down on a game produced with a seemingly forgotten Japanese game design mentality.

A preview in the weekly game magazine Famitsu, had further details on some of the game play to expect in Tokyo Jungle:

“The hunt is one of the main parts of the game. You have a “hungry gauge,” and if this reaches zero, your life will begin to deplete and you will eventually die of starvation. You’ll need to eat plants and other animals. You’ll also need to take in water.

The game has a time component. Animals behave differently depending on the time of day. Nocturnal creatures will be able to use night as a chance to attack sleeping animals.

The atmospheric environment will also have an effect on gameplay. The game will change between extremes like high heat, torrential rains, and heavy smog. Under heavy heat and smog, you’ll find that your food sources grow rotten, and eating this type of food could lead to bad health for your animal.

Survive the Tokyo jungle, create your own territory (by marking), and be able to take a mate to your nest for reproductive purposes. Your choice of partner depends on your rank. Eat enough, and you’ll gain enough calories to go up in rank, giving you access to better mates

The offspring you produce inherit your abilities. You’ll be able to take them out on hunts.” (Famitsu via/ Andriasang)

So will this be Kusoge? It certainly has a few of the signature trappings – an absurd story, coupled with a prolonged development. Beyond the surface it is hard to know how much of a game Tokyo Jungle will be, making it somewhat of a wild card. Fingers crossed that this makes it over stateside – I think American gamers need to be reminded that cool and creative stuff can come out of Japan – and not just from indie developers on Steam.