Hey Vic, there is a reason Working Designs went under. You made stupid fancy packaging for games that were never going to be mainstream sellers, all with the expectation that the company would some how eat the losses in perpetuity.

The old saying goes that the definition of insanity is expecting two different results when repeating the same behavior. You sir, are insane.


By bypassing the people that make decisions (ie a larger publisher), Vic hopes to appeal directly to the equally insane consumer that loves huge boxes and kitschy collectibles. Good games will always be good. Bad games that are bundled in limited quantities will still be bad. It has been stated that even if his fundraiser does not meet it’s 500k goal, the game in question (Class of Heroes 2) will still be released digitally – making this move all the more perplexing. The situation becomes even worse with Vic dangling the idea of a “laundry list” of games they want to release if this is a successfully funded project.

Does Vic not know that Atlus, XSEED, and NIS exist? Last time I checked they release limited edition bundles for select titles.

What about Carpe Fulgar, who are bringing Doujin games to the PC through Steam, all while keeping costs low and value high?

Catherine's LE came in a pizza box - How much more opulent can you get?!

I’ll leave it at this Vic: Get off your high horse and stop acting like a genre of games and affinity for opulent physical packaging died with Working Designs, all while trying to leverage any wisp of nostalgia in order to raise capital for a game that no one was clamoring for in the first place.

More background on the Kickstarter and idea via Kotaku