Embargoes broke earlier today from Capcom’s annual media summit Captivate, with news of a pushed up release date for Resident Evil 6, a fresh DmC trailer, and the unexpected announcement of Lost Planet 3. Following the realization that Capcom inexplicably decided to green light another entry in the Lost Planet series came a collective sigh when the Internet realized what studio would be handling the development: Spark Unlimited.

You may know Spark Unlimited from such fine products as:


Hmm, hell of a track record…So it would seem that this is a completely justified trepidation on behalf of the gaming community. But should it be? A game is such a granular entity – meaning that when a number of discrete objects come together to form a complete experience, it only takes one or two poorly implemented pieces to cast a shadow over the rest. It is hard to sell potential when your studio’s games have garnered metacritic scores ranging from 43-75, but it seems like Capcom is doing its damnedest.

For better or worse, the director of the first two games Kenji Oguro, is staying on for this western developed prequel. While Capcom’s strategy of outsourcing game development to non-Japanese studios have seen mixed results (Bionic Commando, Dark Void, Dead Rising 2, RE: Operation Raccoon City), it is a bold gamble that might end up paying off at some point. I’m not saying that Lost Planet 3 is the game that is going to finally deliver the goods, just that dismissing the game entirely at this stage may be a bit premature.

…But that doesn’t mean I can’t be mad that this exists when Mega Man Legends 3 does not.