I’ve made my way through the first few levels of Too Human, and wow if it isn’t the most Final Fantasy styled game I have played since, well Final Fantasy XIII.

Everything feels so incredibly Japanese. Characters, scenario, gameplay loop, and the level design all feel like their creation could have been overseen by a Japanese studio.

Fairly certain this is a Tetsuya Nomura design

Lets be clear, Too Human is not a good game. The monotonous combat serves no real purpose other then extending the playtime of a stilted (at least when playing the game single player) action adventure that doesn’t quite know what it wants to be. It is Part MMO, part Diablo, and yes Part Final Fantasy, but with no one aspect done to the standard of the source material, Too Human is a muddled game with good ideas but poor execution.

Funny enough with the lawsuit of Silicon Knights v Epic Games coming up I would have expected Too Human to be a technical mess riddled with bugs and a clawing framerate, but that just isn’t the case. While it easy to criticize so much about the game, the graphics and visual style are actually pretty great. Cyber Viking is an absurd aesthetic to chase, but it makes for a few interesting designs that make the game stand out even 4 years later.

So yeah, Too Human is bad, but I’ll probably keep playing it.