I’ve written about video games for the past few years for a few sites, but have decided that for my own sanity and to keep to a more strict posting schedule, that 2012 is the year for posting daily content. While I will still focus on Kuso-ge, this site will also act as my own personal blog to my thoughts on a variety of other games and just general musings of the industry at large.

Kuso-ge (pronounced koo-so-gay) is the Japanese conjunction for the two words kuso, and ge-mu – literally translated as “Shit Game.” Similar to the term “cult-classic” given to films in the United States, kuso-ge, is not necessarily a negative criticism leveled at a game, simply a way to describe the nature of certain video games.

What actually defines kuso-ge as opposed to an actual shitty game varies greatly and is often up to individual perception. Some of the various ways a game can find itself included in this prestigious group include, but are by no means limited to:

1. The game lacks any variety in the gameplay.

2. The difficulty sits on the opposite sides of the spectrum, either being incredibly hard or hilariously easy.

3. Absurd contrivances that make playing the game a tedious chore.

4. The game is riddled with bugs that could include poor physics, strange graphical treatments, clipping, long loading times, and odd interface implementations.

5. Voice acting or translations that either undermines the narrative’s original intent or are simply really really really bad.

6. An unabashed and poorly developed ripoff of a successful title.

7. The game was plagued by enumerable delays or a turbulent development cycle.

My intent in keeping this website is not entirely malicious in nature (although I can’t promise there won’t be some titles that might deserve it) but is to bring attention to this sub-genre of games that is often ignored and easily overlooked by the core.

*Compiled from Japan Game Loser’s blog post on the definition of Kuso-ge, and the Japanese wikipedia page on the subject.